We believe great technology should enhance the customer experience. It should help people feel safe, secure and leave people reassured that their gym, studio or centre they’ve invested in, is also investing in them, and prioritising their needs.

What we’re about

Simply, we solve problems. We initially focused on the health and wellness industry and currently work across all market sectors, we support organisations with security, locking, front desk and technology solutions. ‍ We’ve been supporting a global community of gyms, health centres and studios for over 10+ years, which makes us able to understand the constantly evolving need for different solutions.

“As the world around us constantly throws us different challenges, security and safety will always be a priority to us. Our team is focused on helping organisations navigate and evolve using the most innovative tech solutions. We’re proud to be leading the way and working with companies that prioritise their consumers”

Wayne Cohn, Founder HealthPOS



HealthPOS Launched



Our partnership with MINDBODY, Gantner, Bluestar & Company cards began



We set up our Berlin office and completed projects across the US, Middle East & Africa



We began working on the prestigious Rafa Nadal Tennis Academy



We began supporting GymNation installs across the UAE



Security and safety is this year’s biggest priority. Traceability is also super important for physical spaces and we continue to remotely install and grow

Meet the team

The people you spend most of your life with, are the people you work with. Knowing that, we’ve built our company with a group of passionate people, with a wealth of experience. We’re more than a team though, we’re a little family.


Jack Of All Trades


Head Of Customer Success


Coding Master


Sales Machine


Community Engagement Manager


Graphic Designer


Office Pooches

Stay in the loop

Keep up to date with what’s going on across the industry. We post about projects we’re working on, we compare technology and review the latest trends

Advantages of using RFID for smart lock access control

In summary, RFID electronic door locks are a popular choice for businesses because they offer added security, convenience, and cost savings over traditional lock and key entry. RFID technology uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify digital data encoded within RFID tags, which can take the form of a card or fob. These locks are commonly … Read more

Why your business should invest in Smart Access Control systems in 2023

Commercial premises such as health clubs, spas, and leisure facilities are often home to expensive technology, sensitive client data, and valuable equipment that are essential to the successful running of a business. An access control system provides a reliable way to manage who has access to a gym, spa, or other leisure facility and will … Read more

Customise your COVID response 

How can our technology help you screen individuals who visit your facility? Through the use of the Gantner’s access GT7 model readers, combined with their feature rich check in innovation including gantner.cloud application.  With your new visitor check-in process, you can now create a customised questionnaire regarding the health of your visitors which can help you … Read more

We partner with BRIJPAY to advance touchless smart access 

Getting this partnership signed and sealed was a no-brainer, bringing together BRIJPAY who specialize in middleware software primarily used across health and wellness operators across the globe. It’s a simple smart solution whereby the BRIJPAY link WordPress plugin connects to multiple gateways and membership software across the globe enabling online sales for regions that were … Read more

Automated Covid Certification Checks for more efficiency and security for smart arrivals with HealthPOS 

Check securely, quickly, and verifiably without personnel expenditure whether the Covid access requirements are being met. Nothing easier than that – with the Covid Certification Check. Complies with EU directives Secure reading of QR codes Can be combined with access control Automated verification of the digital vaccination certificate – MORE SECURITY THROUGH AUTOMATION The opening … Read more
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