Why your business should invest in Smart Access Control systems in 2023

Commercial premises such as health clubs, spas, and leisure facilities are often home to expensive technology, sensitive client data, and valuable equipment that are essential to the successful running of a business. An access control system provides a reliable way to manage who has access to a gym, spa, or other leisure facility and will secure the entrance and exit points of a building to protect your business and its assets.

More importantly, the entry and exit collection software data that is vital to your revenue model and marketing operations.

Types of Access Control Systems :

  • Proximity access control – A proximity reader is fitted to the doorway. A token, card, or fob is presented to the reader to allow access to the building.
  • Smart card technology – A card reader is installed which can then be used to swipe a card for entry.
  • Keypad lock – A unique passcode number is used to access the premises.
  • Biometric reading devices – A biometric reader allows users to access a building by presenting their fingerprint, which is pre-authorized for entry.
  • Video entry – A video intercom system enables security staff or building managers to verify the identity of those entering the building before allowing access
  • QR – is effectively a barcode and these can be as a rotating QR code so aren’t easy to share reducing theft. These can be tracked in your membership management software, we have integrations with a number of key players in the health and wellness markets

Benefits of Door Entry Control

  1. Easier Building Access
    Door entry systems make it simple for authorized personnel to enter a building without needing to interact with a member of staff, like a receptionist. This allows for more efficient entry and exit during busy periods of the day.
  2. Increased Overall Safety
    As well as preventing unauthorized visitors from accessing a building, access control can be used to secure specific areas of a site that are not suitable for general access. This can include areas that are off-limits for health and safety reasons or individual offices.
  3. No More Keys
    Keys are easy to lose, fiddly to use, and can be tricky to keep track of as staff comes and go from a company. Access control systems can be easily operated using a fob, card, or fingerprint, and tokens can be wiped from the system when people leave the business to prevent unauthorized access in the future. Meanwhile, a keypad lock needs no accessories that can be misplaced and the code can be changed regularly if required.
  4. Reduced Insurance Premiums
    Implementing additional security measures like installing an access control system could reduce insurance premiums for your business by increasing protection for your building and its contents.
  5. Less Energy Wastage
    Access control systems make it more difficult for doors to be left open for long periods, which means heat won’t be lost from your building, resulting in less energy wastage.

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