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Advantages of using RFID for smart lock access control

In summary, RFID electronic door locks are a popular choice for businesses because they offer added security, convenience, and cost savings over traditional lock and key entry. RFID technology uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify digital data encoded within RFID tags, which can take the form of a card or fob. These locks are commonly … Read more

Customise your COVID response 

How can our technology help you screen individuals who visit your facility? Through the use of the Gantner’s access GT7 model readers, combined with their feature rich check in innovation including application.  With your new visitor check-in process, you can now create a customised questionnaire regarding the health of your visitors which can help you … Read more

We partner with BRIJPAY to advance touchless smart access 

Getting this partnership signed and sealed was a no-brainer, bringing together BRIJPAY who specialize in middleware software primarily used across health and wellness operators across the globe. It’s a simple smart solution whereby the BRIJPAY link WordPress plugin connects to multiple gateways and membership software across the globe enabling online sales for regions that were … Read more

Automated Covid Certification Checks for more efficiency and security for smart arrivals with HealthPOS 

Check securely, quickly, and verifiably without personnel expenditure whether the Covid access requirements are being met. Nothing easier than that – with the Covid Certification Check. Complies with EU directives Secure reading of QR codes Can be combined with access control Automated verification of the digital vaccination certificate – MORE SECURITY THROUGH AUTOMATION The opening … Read more

Equilibrium Gym & Fitness

Challenge: Creating mobile barcode access via door entry Solution: Gantner’s all in one GT7 readers recessed into wall frame to enable access via mobile barcode using the MINDBODY branded app Outcome: As per the video, each mobile barcode that is unique to each member is identified and then via an api a client look up … Read more

Leanerlife Fitness 

Challenge: Coming together with our turnstile partner and submitting drawings to accommodate for turnstile entry in with GT7 reader and exit out for automatic glass gate Solution: In conjunction with our turnstile installer partner CMI Centurion, we installed a tripod barrier with exit glass disabled door exit. We mounted the all in one Gantner GT7 … Read more

Deansgate Square

Challenge: Control 10 separate rooms and 300 smart locks for a residential gym in the heart of Manchester’s Deansgate district at the prestigious Deansgate Square. Solution: Access via branded RFID wristbands in conjunction with Gantner’s 6100 readers Outcome: Smooth, easy to use self serve for smart access throughout the building

Adapt Fitness

Challenge: Wes had a turnstile installed but nothing connected to it such as Gantner?s GT7 smart check in terminal used to read barcodes from the mindbody app and also to track his older members who were using wristbands. Waiting times for customers was higher than expected, staff bandwidth was not able to meet demand during … Read more


Challenge: Access via wooden frame door for both co-working, fitness and cafe Solution: We installed the Gantner GT7 reader onto a wooden door frame which reads barcodes from the mindbody app, each read can be viewed on the visit reports and on Gantners cloud dashboard Outcome: Greater retention, happier customer experience, reduction of theft, safety … Read more

Southbank Place

Challenge: To ensure GDPR Check In was activated through a single PC and check in screen using Virtuagym Solution: Access IS QR Scanner Outcome: Front desk smart check in via QR codes, easy and smooth access throughout peak and off peak whilst ensuring member data is highly secure

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