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Automated Covid Certification Checks for more efficiency and security for smart arrivals with HealthPOS 

Check securely, quickly, and verifiably without personnel expenditure whether the Covid access requirements are being met. Nothing easier than that – with the Covid Certification Check.

  • Complies with EU directives
  • Secure reading of QR codes
  • Can be combined with access control

Automated verification of the digital vaccination certificate – MORE SECURITY THROUGH AUTOMATION

The opening of various leisure facilities such as fitness studios and sports facilities stipulates that access is only possible with the proof of the current Covid status. This includes either being vaccinated, tested, or recovered. The EU has issued a digital certificate for this. Accordingly, operators are obliged to check members and visitors for their Covid certificates before granting them access. 

A personnel-intensive and therefore cost-intensive matter. The GANTNER CCC solution, Covid Certification Check, automates this check-in a simple, secure, and traceable way. The app-based solution from GANTNER reads the certificate data using a QR code reader on the GANTNER terminal. The verification is recorded. Access is only possible when the Covid Certification Check has been successful. Access authorization or membership can be queried with the same GT7 terminal and the entire access process can be fully and securely automated.

Options for either doors or turnstiles

3 x Covid Certification Checks


With the GANTNER CCC solution, operators comply with the EU’s Covid Check measures and document entries in a log.

No personnel costs

The verification of the Covid certificates is automated, 24/7 without personnel expenditure.

Secure and easy

No possible infection of employees, direct involvement in the access control, no waiting times at reception.

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