Deansgate Square

Challenge: Control 10 separate rooms and 300 smart locks for a residential gym in the heart of Manchester’s Deansgate district at the prestigious Deansgate Square. Solution: Access via branded RFID wristbands in conjunction with Gantner’s 6100 readers Outcome: Smooth, easy to use self serve for smart access throughout the building


Challenge: Access via wooden frame door for both co-working, fitness and cafe Solution: We installed the Gantner GT7 reader onto a wooden door frame which reads barcodes from the mindbody app, each read can be viewed on the visit reports and on Gantners cloud dashboard Outcome: Greater retention, happier customer experience, reduction of theft, safety … Read more

Gym Nation

Challenge: We met Loren in 2018 when he was embarking on his first location at Al Quoz. Loren wanted a solution that was biometric to ensure two factor authentication for all member arrivals for his unmanned 24/7 operation. Solution: We installed the Gantner 6100 readers to all turnstiles across all locations and FR055 fingerprint readers … Read more

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