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Customise your COVID response 

How can our technology help you screen individuals who visit your facility?

Through the use of the Gantner’s access GT7 model readers, combined with their feature rich check in innovation including application. 

With your new visitor check-in process, you can now create a customised questionnaire regarding the health of your visitors which can help you determine if a visitor poses a potential health risk.

For instance, you can add several questions to the visitor check-in process when they sign in. You can ask if they have recently traveled overseas, if they have had any COVID-19 symptoms in the past two weeks, or been in contact with anyone who is COVID-19 positive during a period of time. This helps you to identify if they might pose a higher risk.

If a visitor responds to a question that could expose your facility or employees to a risk for COVID-19 infection, it sends an alert to the host or hosts. They can then determine what protocols are in place to grant or deny access to the facility and take the best appropriate next steps to protect your facility,your staff and your members.

Allowing visitors access to your facility is an important step to getting back to more normal business operations. 

With the Gantner cloud app you and your team will have access to a dashboard which includes : Access App statistics,used apps, up to 6 hours of screen advertisement per device, app and firmware versions, user management, connection logs to your management software, number of QR or RFID or barcode reads. 

Help keep your facility and employees safe using technology and tools that are designed to help you win the battle against COVID-19.

To find out more, schedule a demo here : : Access Control

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