Countertop Protective Shield Triple Screen



Built to help reduce the spread of contagious, airborne germs commonly spread by coughing or sneezing, the retail Guardiant™ is ideal for gym reception, supermarket, convenience and retail settings. Create a protective shield in any place of commerce that requires direct interaction between employees and customers in close proximity such as POS checkouts.


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Countertop Screen 2000mm x 930mm Clear Acrylic W/ Window with Adjustable Feet Tri-Panel Countertop: Each panel is 930mm high x 730 mm wide, with a variable depth using included hardware of 32mm – 64mm or 114mm gap at base. Overall length when straightened is 2000mm wide.

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This robust yet easy to install acrylic screen is available as a tri-fold or single panel with a choice of opening at the bottom, allowing for the transfer of items or payment for transactions. The retail Guardiant™ reduces the risk of virus transfer while items are exchanged at the checkout through a protective barrier. A sturdy, ‘no-tip’ solution that is portable and can fully collapse for storage. Easily sanitised with any common disinfectant One year warranty – Made in the UK.

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