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GAT DIRECT. Connect is an innovative solution for the integration of GANTNER products with third-party software, e.g: membership & management software (mindbody, Perfect Gym, Virtuagym) used in fitness studios, health clubs, gyms, tennis clubs, spa’s, etc…

GANTNER devices (6100 readers and the new range of GT7 readers )and the GAT Writer (6000 & 7000 models) integrate exclusively via GAT DIRECT. Connect.

The DIRECT Connect is a custom adapter used to connect to your membership software via an API connection.

The GAT Direct Connect is stored locally on a Windows PC/Laptop.

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  1. Jessica Christensen

    Wayne and the HealthPOS team have assisted us with supplying and installing a GT7 reader for our co-working venue in Switzerland.

    They are always quick to respond and are very responsive.

    Their knowledge of MINDBODY and technology really shows as they make us feel at ease when diagnosing or fixing an issue when they arise”

    Thanks Wayne and HealthPOS team

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GANTNER devices communicate with third-party software via GAT DIRECT.Connect and an adapter, thereby simplifying the process of integrating GANTNER devices with third-party software. The intelligent communication management allows devices to be controlled via a cloudbased service as well as in the local environment. Depending on the system, customised adapters can be developed (e.g., web service adapters) to suit different requirements. GANTNER provides a programming language independent adapter that uses the Java Script Object Notation (JSON) format.

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If the DIRECT.Connect service stops operating, e.g., when the computer is shut down, the connected devices do not have an online connection and switch to out of service mode depending on the configuration.

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