GC7.3000 Multifunctional Access Controller




It has never been so easy to control doors or turnstiles and to connect centrally power smart lockers. With the GC7 models, GANTNER offers multifunctional controllers that cannot be beaten in terms of flexibility. Thanks to the innovative app concept, the GC7 can be used for various applications. The app defines the function, so the hardware can be used universally. This means that not only doors, turnstiles, and smart lockers can be controlled, but also many system components such as monitors, barcode readers, GR readers, etc. In addition, customer-specific apps can also be used. Flexibility is also guaranteed by various sub-controller models and reader types from GANTNER, which support all common RFID technologies, barcode / QR codes as well as all common technologies.

Maximum operational safety

The GC7 stands for the highest security standards, which are achieved through an innovative encryption concept. The robust construction, as well as the backup option via the cloud, ensure additional protection and predictive maintenance processing. Both the configuration and the backup are carried out securely via the G7 Connect Cloud or Relaxx. For the first time, there is also the option to organize the data exchange via WiFi.

Little effort – easy commissioning

The GC7 can be easily installed by an electrician. Afterward, it requires no specialized personnel on-site, as commissioning and configuration can be done via remote access. When using WiFi, even network cabling is no longer necessary. The GC7 is the answer to the demands of our time: it offers flexibility, security, and convenience.


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