Socket Mobile CHS Series 7 QX Stand – Pole Component

Built light-weight and maneuverable, the Socket Mobile QX Stand is designed to remain secure on any flat surface where you need to maximize barcode scanning efficiency and productivity. The ingenious design of the QX Stand incorporates a small magnet built into the top of the mounting arch that makes contact with the magnet housed on the CHS 7Qi and 7Xi scanners, helping to firmly secure the scanner to the QX Stand in a fixed-position where barcodes can be scanned in succession. The QX Stand also becomes an efficient time and space-saving tool when used in any environment where space may be limited.


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HARDWARE FEATURES: Built-in hook and cradle to securely hold the scanner in place Magnet ensures proper alignment for charging Audible beep (adjustable) provides confirmation when the scanner is properly seated Gimbal & socket with thumb-lock screw enable 360 rotation and front/back tilt Lanyard support included with relocated Lanyard connection to the battery door twist-lock BASE: Rubber feet and a weighted base prevents sliding Magnets to hold the QX Stand on a metal surface Keyholes to screw-mount the QX Stand to a surface (option) ELECTRICAL: MicroUSB for connection to AC Adapter (included) QX Stand microLED indicates power connection Scanner LED indicates when it is fully charged (solid green)

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