Implementing a new technology should be a seamless experience. It’s why we offer support throughout the process, from our discovery stage of helping you pinpoint what you need all the way through to training your team on how to use the technology.


Discovery consultation
Remote installation
Monitoring support
Staff training
Diagnosis: GAT & Gantner Cloud Software
Team viewer sessions
Whatsapp Comms
Resolution: Contact within 24-48 hours GMT (9am - 6pm Mon-Fri)

Annual plan



Our annual plan ensures you have consistent support throughout the year, where we can upskill new employees and advise on best practices.

6 month plan



Consistent support available for six months, where requests are prioritised and staff can receive help within 4 hours.

3 month plan



We'll install and set you up, with 3 months of continued support for your team.

Stages of support:

Stage 1


We help you understand what services and products are available for your needs.

Stage 2


Once your business needs are understood, we help you compare options to pick the perfect solution.

Stage 3


We can install the kit, and remotely set up the software to get you up and running, whilst also training you and your team on how to use the products.

Stage 4


We don’t disappear after you purchase from us, you can add on additional support services to ensure you have a speedy response to any questions or issues you may have.