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We partner with BRIJPAY to advance touchless smart access 

Getting this partnership signed and sealed was a no-brainer, bringing together BRIJPAY who specialize in middleware software primarily used across health and wellness operators across the globe. It’s a simple smart solution whereby the BRIJPAY link WordPress plugin connects to multiple gateways and membership software across the globe enabling online sales for regions that were left behind due to red tape.

This slick solution is easy to deploy which explains their fantastic growth seen across the middle east. Thanks to the ghastly covid the smart guys at BRIJPAY are building a facial recognition prototype due for release later in 2021 that will simply look for a valid or invalid membership in your software and will grant or deny access via doors or turnstiles. This will no doubt be a game-changer in an industry full of expensive technology and difficult to deploy so watch this space.

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